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On The Same Page

On The Same Page

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On The Same Page, by Steven Wilkinson, is a field guide to creating & nurturing great partnerships in business.

...80% of all business partnerships fail.

“All business is dynamic. It changes as it grows and evolves and we change with it. All business is, at its foundation, based on relationships. Relationships determine every single aspect of the value-creation process from the relationships to financial partners, to employees, to customers, to suppliers, to the interested observers from the media and your marketplace, to the neighbours on your trading estate or your office block, to the consumers of your communication and those impacted by your products and your presence. Businesses do not exist as models, as spread-sheets, as financial reports, as money in the bank or legal structures.

These visible and tangible manifestations are merely the material expression of the immaterial life of the business, the beating heart of which is its complex web of personal relationships, with none more important