Strategies for Prosperity

Good & Prosper exists to provide resources to people in all walks
of life looking to develop their personal strategy for prosperity.

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Good & Prosper is a platform on which information, knowledge and tools for
creating focus and a pathway to personal prosperity are made available.

Good & Prosper is a platform on which information, knowledge and tools for creating focus and a pathway to personal prosperity are made available. At the heart of the platform is a philosophy quite distinct from the mainstream beliefs about the nature of economic activity and the attributes needed to be successful and prosperous.

Good and Prosper
“...the only purpose of any business is to solve a problem

The Good & Prosper philosophy is based on the simple belief that, by and large, people want to do the right thing (be good) and, if allowed to act in an environment which respects their integrity and freedom, usually will, to the benefit of others and themselves (prosper). It also starts from the understanding that the only purpose of any business is to solve a problem - the more specific, the better - and a belief that if you "give and it shall be given to you".

Good & Prosper seeks to explore what exactly is meant by “acting” and which “environment” is necessary for well-intentioned action to thrive and flourish. In other words: what do I have to do and what external environment do I need in order to be most useful to others and thereby flourish myself?

The core philosophy is constructed from four basic propositions:

  • Specialisation as the key to success
  • Relentless focus on the "Minimum Factors"
  • Intangibles precede tangibles
  • Usefulness precedes profit

all of which, taken together, lead to a high concentration of resources (energy, thought, eort, finances, physical hardware, networks, team) on the smallest (most specifically described) point necessary to create the greatest impact. This is what werefer to as strategy and itsounds intuitive (I hope), but it isn’t how economics or businessis generallytaught (the underlying principles here being the fact of scarce resources, the central function of capital and profit as the primary output of business).

In our understanding of the world and the necessary conditions for prosperity, profit is a by-product of conforming to the four propositions above, not the purpose of them

Good and Prosper

Integrity & Freedom

The true purpose is the best possible solving of the problem on which the individual or enterprise has chosen to focus his, her or its resources for the benefit of others. Good & Prosper has a tried and tested process for discovering exactly which specific problems an individual or enterprise is best suited to solving, given the unique coordinates of their intangible and tangible resources and for identifying the area of focus most likely to yield the highest energy. We refer to this as looking for the minimum factor and is at the heart of Good & Prosper’s methodology.

So what do we mean by prosperity? Prosperity, put simply, is the attainment of a state of being in which the individual has:

  • A healthy mind and vitally alive physical body;
  • Personal relationships that are nurturing work - always;
  • A job that is fulfilling and in which they can grow & develop;
  • More than enough financial resources for their needs & wishes.

If any one of those conditions are not met, then, in our book, that individual is not truly prosperous and it should be obvious that just fulfilling condition number four (which on our list is number four and not number one by design) is not enough to satisfy the description of being truly prosperous. We believe that prosperity starts with a mindset of abundance and then seeks to find the most effective point on which to concentrate those resources available to us (strategy), in the service of others (and their specific problems – minimum factor), whilst at the same time constantly working to improve our minds, bodies and relationships, by embracing the challenges our path throws up, as we travel it.

In summary Good & Prosper looks to provide advice, methods and thought-provoking commentary on the the three areas of life which we believe must interact in order to be successful and prosperous, as an individual and by extension as a business, namely:

  • Strategy (what to do)
  • Personal Leadership (how to be)
  • Commercial sense (how to do)

Prosperity happens at the intersection of those three areas and
is the inevitable result of designing our lives around them.